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Best Replica Watches UK Online Store — For his Enraged limited editions, Romain Gauthier has taken the Logical One and Prestige HMS and given them a bold, sporty makeover, with the watchmaker drawing on the automotive industry for inspiration.


“I’m an avid car fan and admire many of the limited-edition supercars created by automobile companies,” says Gauthier. “These projects give carmakers licence to express the edgier side of their creativity, allowing them to break with convention and build something outside of the box. I felt there was nothing stopping me from doing the same, so I developed the concept for these Enraged limited editions.”

We are focusing today on the Prestige HMS Enraged Limited Edition.

Prestige HMS – hours, minutes and seconds – boasts a partly open dial and display back offering mouthwatering views of Romain Gauthier’s in-house Calibre 2206 HMS, notable for its large-diameter crown configured ‘flat’ on the caseback for increased winding efficiency. The absence of a protruding caseband crown lends the timepiece a distinctive, streamlined profile.

The movement plates and bridges feature hand-created, rounded bevels and hand-created jewel countersinks in keeping with tradition. But Gauthier has treated them with a decidedly less-than-traditional, light-absorbing matte-black finish. The displays are also darkened and matte-finished: Prestige HMS’s louvred brass dial has been hand-frosted then blackened. The hour, minute and second hands are, naturally, matte black, and even the R.Gauthier logo has taken on a spiky form, in appearance and attitude.


Romain Gauthier has placed the crown ‘flat’ on the caseback to increase winding efficiency because energy does not need to be transmitted through 90°. It also reduces wear and stress on components. © Best Replica Watches

As for the bodywork, Gauthier has chosen to machine the cases from robust yet lightweight Grade 5 titanium, which has been matte black ADLC treated. The treatment here doesn’t see light being totally soaked up. In fact, the grainy texture created by sand-blasting provides a subtle, intriguing sheen.

The Prestige HMS Enraged is available in three editions – with dark accents, red accents or orange accents – with each edition limited to just five pieces.


The dial of Prestige HMS is a harmonious composition of circles and arcs. Hours and minutes are displayed in the large sub-dial at 12 o’clock engraved with the R.Gauthier logo, while cut-outs in the main dial reveal the precision micro-mechanics of the in-house movement beneath. © Romain Gauthier Replica Watches UK


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