Montblanc Bohème Fake Hot Swiss Watches With Silvery-White Dials For UK Sale

The 34mm Montblanc Bohème Day & Night watches can display romantic feelings and complicated functions. Many customers choose them as a daily companion. The whole elegant design can present a gentle and feminine image. Montblanc Bohème replica watches with rose gold bezels are driven by Cal. MB 24.10, self-winding mechanical movements with 21 jewels. They can provide about 42-hour power to the whole functions.

There are three hands with rose gold plating set in the center show the hour, minute and seconds. Their hour markers are painted black Arabic numerals. And a day & night indicator is set on the silver dial. The day means a golden sun with light blue background in the indicator. And the night is displayed by a golden moon with many stars. Their patterns are very exquisite, revealing extreme delicacy. The smile-shape indicator is very attractive to many female customers.

The 34mm steel cases with rose gold bezels are waterproof enough for everyday activities. Their bezels are also decorated with shiny diamonds, adding gloss to the whole image. Montblanc copy watches with Swiss automatic movements have solid sapphire glasses to protect the delicate dials. The luxury and charming timepieces are popular with modern ladies.

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